Have Empty Cardboard Boxes? Here’s The Purrfect Solution


If you’re like me, then you have TONS of empty cardboard boxes lying around. So why not put them to good use?

I’m an avid online shopper. What can I say? I love good deals!

But instead of recycling ALL the boxes you have, try hanging onto a few of them. Set some up in a cozy spot, line them with some soft fleece (you can gets yards of fleece for a good price at a craft store), and VOILÀ! You’ve got yourself a cozy hangout for your precious felines.

For whatever reason, cats go crazy for cardboard boxes. They must feel safe, all squished up in a little ball. Plus, they look so cute in there! In fact, a friend of mine actually used a shot like this for her holiday cards last year. She decorated the boxes with holiday wrapping paper and the whole scene was just too PURRFECT not to “oooo” and “ahhhh” at! Brilliant, right? I LOVE CATS

Sourse: theanimalrescuesite.com