This is what happens when you give a kitten his very first cat tree (video)


In stores presents a huge number of cat “shelters”, their value can reach several tens of thousands of rubles. The size of the house cat can be quite different, and sometimes even remotely resembles the place of an animal: Cat hammocks.

Are the soft beds with a variety of options (tabs, Velcro, hooks). They can be hung anywhere, securing on all four sides. There are products that are sold with hard foundations – they can be mounted, for example, between the rails of the table. Such a cozy place and is easy to do yourself.

Very comfortable lounger, where the cat will feel like a real representative of the Royal suit! House shaped box. Usual construction with a roof, wrapped in soft cloth, such as plush. You can do it yourself. Often houses in the form of boxes may be sold along with the kittens, mounted on the same platform with the house.