This is what would happen if cats had thumbs!


Cats who suddenly learned to use the thumb. What would we do in our life without a thumb? It’s even hard to imagine, because with the help of the finger a person can work hard and feed themselves and do chores around the house. But the animals are deprived of this evolutionary acquisition. They are forced to be content with little.

The creators of this movie decided to dream a little, what would happen if cats developed the thumb. Why the lions must wait until the person they take milk if they could do it. At the same time this advertisement allows us to look at ourselves and see that we do not always use their capabilities to the full. Many owners of Pets often have to observe they have an amazing behavior in different situations. Why cats are so cunning, are they? Scientists from Japan, working with cats, came to the conclusion that these lovely creatures aren’t dumb.

So when they hear the voice of the master, they may have a dual reaction: they either pretend that they can hear and run the call, or pretend not to understand. But it’s all just a survival instinct that is inherent in their nature. He often makes cats less emotional and secretive, and we called it cunning. Many cats don’t like being alone, they often have to experience when caring master to work.