German Grocery Store Comes Up With The Funniest Cat Ad In The World…And You Will Love Every Minute!


Advertising cats who quietly feel in the stores. For example, Bobo loves to drop on the floor pots and plates. The only cat that is released from liability “You break – you pay”. The druggist took her in and called IVA – but not as a plant but as I. V. (Intravenous).

But not because the owner has medical education, and because the cat “directly through the skin gets into our hearts”. People come here to old-school record store Bleecker Street Records, not only to over two vinyl discs, but also to see the cool grey cat, whale, with a sweet heart on the chest.

The smallest in the litter, Tiny, today, reigns over a bookstore in Park Slope, and even earned itself the nickname “Tiny the Usurper”.