Funny reasons why you should have a cat


I love all living things and don’t treat myself to fanatical cat lovers because it involves hating dog lovers. And I love and dogs, and their hosts, too. But this article I decided to devote cats. For several decades in my family are cats and we have several generations of these wonderful animals. Your home without cats I have no idea.

The house in which the cats live is a special world in which reign, these mysterious beings…. If you also have a cat, you understand me… Watching how gently wakes the cat, stretching sweetly, I, too, do not rush to jump out of bed and give yourself a few minutes for a smooth exit from sleep, performing feline gymnastics.

Watching the cat, using free time, very patiently, getting ready, which allows it always looks great, me too, got himself a rule to find time for yourself during the day.