Forget Birds. This Spring, A Friendly Cat Is Wooing Her New Neighbor With Flowers


Cats bring their parents all sorts of presents, though said gifts are usually are limited to dead vermin and wounded birds.

However, Willow, a long-haired cat from England, is much more of a lover than a fighter, as her new neighbor, Rosie, can attest. Willow was one of the first to welcome Rosie to the neighborhood last month, which she did by patiently meowing outside the door until her new friend opened the door. This happened so often that Rosie set up a cardboard box inside, which is how the rest of the neighbors opted to accommodate the friendly feline on her regular social calls.

As England’s famed showers finally gave way to spring blossoms, Rosie started noticing a number of pink flowers strewn around the yard. At first, she thought they might have blown over in the wind. In time, she realized it was actually Willow, stopping by to drop some fresh-cut flowers on her porch.

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