Fisherman definitely didn’t plan on catching anything this adorable on his trip


It started out as an ordinary day for Jason as he got ready for a quiet day of fishing. While he packed his tackle box and the rest of his gear in the early-morning hours, he certainly wasn’t thinking about much outside of catching as many fish as possible. The fisherman certainly didn’t plan on coming home with anything but fish, that’s for sure.

However, a couple of tiny little furballs had other plans entirely.

Jason got to the woods and set up his gear like usual. So far, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Though, before long, he started to hear a very high-pitched and persistent, “meow.”

The meowing was so loud and so persistent that Jason found that it was impossible to ignore. Well, he didn’t have to wait long to find out the source of the noise.

Suddenly, out of the woods came this tiny stray little grey furball with piercing blue eyes and a meow to match. Jason realized quickly the little thing was probably in trouble and looking for help.

The sweet little thing hung around Jason’s camp for quite some time. She continued to meow, of course, to let him know she wasn’t going anywhere.

However, before long, Jason heard another set of lungs. Soon, a little furry striped fella sauntered into camp, meowing all the way.

Well, Jason realized several things at that moment. First, he knew that these two furballs must be siblings. Second, the fisherman knew because of all the meowing that they must be in trouble. And three, he realized he would be coming home with much more than just a few fish that day.

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