First Footage of Wild Sand Cat Kittens


The last time the sandy cat in the Western side of the UAE, seen in 2005, and the certificate has not been documented. Shakeel Ahmed, a researcher of the Department of environment in Abu Dhabi tired to collect anecdotal reports of cats and decided to look for them. In 2015 he led a research group which installed security cameras in the conservation area of Bignona. Cats were monitored from March to December 2015. During this period scientist were 46 images, which depicted three individuals of Arab cats. Among them was one male. Arabian sand cats are hunters, perfectly adapted to life in the desert. They do not need to look for water, because the necessary liquid they get from food, eating small birds, reptiles and mammals. Thick fur in the ears and on the paws to protect from sand storms. Despite the wide distribution in the deserts of North Africa and Central Asia, little is known about these elusive cats.