Firefighters Rescue Tiny Puppies Only Vet Rejects


What started out as good Samaritans’ well-meaning phone call for help turned out to be quite the mistake. Passersbys heard noises coming from a storm sewer.

They peered inside and discovered what appeared to be a litter of tiny black newborn puppies, wriggling all about. No mom was in sight, which was worrisome, so they reached out to Colorado Springs firefighters for assistance.

When the firefighters showed up on the scene, they prepared for an animal retrieval. Turns out the firemen made one giant mistake.

One firefighter laid down on his stomach, donned gloves and gingerly reached into the storm sewer that stretched a few feet underground. He tenderly plucked out eight straggly puppies from the bottom of the cylinder.

Mom still hadn’t returned at this point, so the firefighters decided to transport the babies to a local animal shelter to see what could be done to save them. But once the puppies arrived at the shelter and were closely examined, the veterinarian declared that they could not remain there. The firefighters were stunned!

The vet explained that the cute little black puppies actually were red fox kits. Travis Sauder with Colorado Parks and Wildlife explained in the video below that it’s common for fox moms to deliver their litter in small bins and containers outdoors.

If a person ever stumbles across such a litter of wild animals, they should be left alone. The firefighters quickly returned the kits exactly where they found them.

Officials intend to monitor their well being and if the mom does not return or rejects them, they will be retrieved and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation specialist where they will be raised then eventually returned to the wild. What are the odds that these puppies ended up being kits instead?

Check out the video below and see what you think of this crazy case of mistaken identity.