Family adopted a 20 year old cat from the shelter, never expected how much love he had left to give


Dexter has lived a great life, but it was inevitable. Some believe that Pets understand that he will die soon and therefore, as worries about the host leaving the house, so as not to hurt someone. Cats leave home because of their vulnerability and exhaustion.

Animals in this state will not be able to repulse the enemy and therefore retreat to a safe place. Cat, death is close, look messy, may abundant loss of wool scraps. Think about the health of the pet is necessary if a decrease in energy. Once the owner, finding your pet in the usual places, realizes that he may never see.

The animal goes suddenly, without giving a chance to say goodbye. Search pet does not always end in success, but maybe the pet you can still help by showing the vet, but in some cases fails to find even the body of the animal. If there is no reason to think that the cat died, you should not postpone the search for a pet.