Faking My Death In Front of My Cat – Mean Kitty Reacts


Videobloger fell on the floor and pretended to be dead to see how his cat named Sparta will behave in the event of sudden death of the owner. The guy secretly set up a camera and began to record how the pet reacts to his “untimely death”.

The animal behaved in a way that all true cats Land could say, “Proud that he’s one of us!ยป. American blogger Cory Williams decided to experimentally find out what reaction to expect from the cat Sparta (insolent in the photo), if the guy suddenly becomes bad. Would be my cat if I died suddenly?

To answer this question, I pretended to be dead in front of Sparta to see how he would react. No need to add that his reaction was priceless!. Corey installed in the room the camera and when Sparta was there, collapsed on the floor, playing dead.