Every Time Girl Pretends To Collapse in Tears, Her Cat Rushes Over to Comfort Her


Pets sometimes understand their owners better than we understand ourselves. Even when we try to conceal our emotions, the pets feel them. But when we burst into tears, they try to comfort us. They are compassionate and understand that we will feel much better with their support therefore they hurry to help us when we are in distress.
Amazing intuition of pets help them detect everything we feel. And they know our bad days. You will see a very compassionate cat in the video below. She always runs to help her 16-year-old owner, when she is crying or faking it.
Cat named Delilah never neglect her owner when she sees that she’s upset. She never skips it. Just a few seconds and she is already beside her or on top of her weeping human, trying to comfort and console her with her presence and touch!