Eating With Kitties Around Can Be A Real Struggle


The man, desperate to eat, convincing the cat that it’s human plate. She looks faithful eyes; jumps on the table, trying to put a piece of meat or fish on the floor. Choose cat corner sofa sadly begins to crack when she, elegantly stretching, trying to undermine the claws. Home awaits you impatiently meowing ball of love. The cat loves you. And it settles around your head, taking the pain and problems that have accumulated not only during this day, but in my whole life.

This kitten is very important to understand, whether all is in order the owner of the plate? What is there interesting? There may be something better than in his bowl? Like any living being, cats also have their preferences, which can be expressed in a fairly normal manner, and no (this is, if measured by our standards). Of course, cats are more likely to love something that brings positive emotions, good food and care, tenderness and affection, and much more.

But there’s something else that I love cats and it would not hurt to know all – and those who already have at home for this pet, and those who are only going to get them. They love to be the center of attention. So it is not surprising that the cat just will not eat in peace. It is her sacred right.