Dog Refused To Leave Blind Kitten’s Side


Pela the dog never liked cats, but when her owner, Valia Orfanidou, brought home two rescue cats, she began to get used to them.

Pela’s new-found love for cats helped save a tiny kitten who was desperate for help. The blind kitten, now named Ruby, was living her life on the streets of Greece, all alone.

When Pela and her owner were out for a walk, Pela spotted the kitten and led her owner toward her. She instantly bonded with the kitten and refused to leave her side. It’s like she knew that she needed help.

Orfanidou’s heart broke the second she saw the kitten, and a bunch of scenarios began to run through her head as to how this cat got here. Was she born to a stray mother who went to find food and never came back for her? Was she abandoned on the street by her owners? While the answer wasn’t clear, Orfanidou knew one thing: she had to get this kitten home if she wanted any chance to save her.

Luckily, Orfanidou runs SCARS, an animal rescue in Greece, and has many volunteers who are able to help her.

Ruby was covered in fleas and was starving. Orfanidou bathed her and fed her, and she finally felt safe. She eventually closed her eyes and fell asleep. Surviving on the streets was exhausting for this kitten, and for the first time, she felt comfort and relief.

Two SCARS volunteers, Katie and Mariana, are caring for Ruby and helping to nurse her back to health. They cleaned her eyes and nose, and there is a chance that Ruby is not completely blind after all.

She will continue her medication and is still being fed with a syringe. She has proven to be a fighter and the rescue believes that she will make a full recovery and grow into a healthy cat. Once she is ready, she will be up for adoption.