Dog, Rat And Cat Were Surrendered At Shelter, Refuse To Leave Each Other’s Sides


Tweaks, Sasha & Jack were an unlikely team and while the idea of a rat, dog and cat hanging out as pals might seem silly (or something out of a Disney movie), these guys became fast friends. They were all under the same roof and when their owners needed to downsize, they were brought to the shelter together. According to a spokesperson from the Oshkosh Area Humane Society, taking in three pets from one home is not standard operating procedure.

When it was time for the crew to receive their examinations, they did not take kindly to being split up. Jack was especially displeased with this idea and he let the staff know it. Jack was not willing to cooperate with the staff and when he began to growl, they knew that they would need to let his siblings come along with him. Sasha was brought in to the room and Jack immediately calmed down.

What the staff did not know was that Jack struggled with vision impairment and he was relying on Sasha to help him. Thanks to her help, Jack was still able to get around. Tweaks is the elder of the family and the three animals became noticeably happier once they were given the chance to reunite. They were all overjoyed to see each other again and rightfully so.

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