Deaf and blind kitten has grown into a gorgeous calico cat after being rescued


An Egyptian man found a tiny calico kitten living on and around the staircase of his apartment building. He realized that even though the kitten was a few weeks old, she had not yet opened her eyes. When the man examined the kitten more closely, he understood why: she had been born without any eyes.

The man, Zayed K., felt for the little kitten, and even though he couldn’t bring her into his home — he was living with five other family members — he made sure to bring food for the cat every day. The kitten began to grow bigger, but her eyes never opened. “I opened her eye sockets to check, but there was nothing inside. That’s when I knew that she was completely blind,” Zeyad explained.

When Zeyad had to go away for a weekend with family, he constantly worried about the kitten whom he named Votchy. When he returned, Votchy was in distress. “I returned home to find her lying down on my doorstep and she was just skin and bones, looking a lot dirtier than she was before. My family didn’t need any more convincing after seeing that saddening sight, as I had been telling them how a blind stray cat wouldn’t be able to survive on her own and how we needed to take her in,” said Zeyad.

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