Cute Tiny Kittens Simply Love Their New Special Bed


We know that cats love little beds. They sleep on them just like people do. As we revealed in this video, kittens always love them. But little kittens do not like to sleep, they like to play. They suddenly discovered that this can be an ideal place for playing.
Antics of these adorable kittens are heart-melting. When the owners purchased the bed for their little pets, they immediately jumped at action and started playing.
They will, probably, use it also on its main purpose after the play. We do not know. We just see how thrilled these fur babies are when they get their special bed. Just look at the way they try to get there. One of them is kicking his legs on the way to the bed. I liked it so much. The mother also observes this game and does not interfere as they play peacefully.