Curious Kitty Meets Robot Dinosaur For The Very First Time


Curious cats often explore things around them and then feel bored when nothing around happens. Therefore Robot Dinosaur is a find for kitties this is the toy that lets cats experience a wide range of emotions. However, it is hard to understand what cats will like. You never know what exactly will seem so intriguing for your cat. Sometimes cats go crazy over the simple ball of paper tossed on the floor. But then you spend much money on some expensive toy for cat and what is the result? Kitty just ignores it!
So when the owner saw this cat playing with robot dinosaur, he was amazed.
This cat named Maya was very surprised by a new toy. This weird thing moved in a strange way and she did know what to expect from it, but then she figured out that this thingie is not that bad and kitty can play with it and communicate as well.