Curiosity Almost Killed The Cat: Kitten Has Leg Amputated After Being Caught In A Mousetrap


Kitten like to explore. Just like human kids they are very curious. When curiosity got the better of this poor kitten, a hirrible accident happened. Kitty saw a mousetrap and after getting caught in it the kitten had to pass through amputation.
The baby was a stray kitten and just hunted for food. It happened in a garden in Lewknor, South Oxfordshire, where there are not so many people. Fortuntely, a person heard her whimpering otherwise she would face agonising death.
A kitten named Babybell (named after popular cheese) was taken to rescue center and then to the animal hospital in London. Babybell has made remarkable recovery, so she will be a very good pet for some kind family.
The kitty as resilent and does not know anything different than having three legs. She goes up the scratchpost with her three legs and feels happy!