Cuddly Big Kitty Grows Up Hugging His Human Every Chance He Gets


Moscow Maine-Coon Tikhon, who most of all loves to cuddle with the hostess. Maine-Coon is not just a cat, he feels his master and understands him at first sight. Anyway, sure the owners of these magnificent cats.

In one of the Moscow apartments living Maine-Coon Tikhon, who behaves according to his landlady, very calm and peaceful. And he loves to cuddle. Meet this gigantic Maine Coon named Tikhon. Despite his rather fierce appearance, the cat is very kind and loves to cuddle. His mistress, living with a pet in Moscow, says: “He sits in my arms.

He doesn’t like to be alone, always follows me wherever I go, even to the bathroom. He’s quiet and calm cat. Why such a nickname. He even purrs very quietly.”