Couple Adopts Saddest Cat In The World Nobody Wanted, Kitty Transforms Within One Hour!


Sad cat, whose photo is presented in the article, became a real celebrity of the Internet, the whole story began with only one picture posted on the network. The seemingly always disgruntled face now looking at people with t-shirts, packages of beverage in the coffee shop and from the television screens.

Since September 2012, the sad cat, whose photo is presented in the article, has gained incredible popularity. Unusual nickname Grumpy Cat kitten was due to the unhappy expression of a muzzle. Appeared from a non-pedigree cat, he literally blew up the Internet, becoming a mega-popular.

In fact Grumpy Cat is a cat that was born in 2012. At first, the owners called it Tardar Sauce. Later it was renamed the Grumpy Cat, which literally translates as “grumpy cat”.