Charming Rescue Kitten Sucks His Thumb So Sweetly!


There are many cat owners who complain that their pet sucks his paw regularly. Someone didn’t pay attention to it because the kitten is quietly taken to your cabin there and licks his paw before going to sleep.

Other breeders of this habit of their pet brings a certain discomfort, especially if the cat sucks his paw in the bed of the owners. What can be done? To wean the animal to suck the paw, you can, but give it a go, not all Pets. Most cats and live in this habit all my life. But worth a try, if it brings inconvenience.

So, how to teach a cat to suck his paw? You must first try to distract your pet when he begins his favorite activity. You can play with it or just pet. Another effective remedy is to smear the cat’s paw with a special drug that causes discomfort or use mustard.