Cat Who Lived Her Entire Life In A Filthy Cage


This cat grew up in a hoarding situation, confined to a dog crate where she was living in filth and covered in fleas.

Thankfully, she was finally rescued from this horrible situation and brought to Furry Nation Salvation, a rescue group in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

For the first time, she got to experience freedom. She was so grateful for being rescued, that she thanked her rescuers in the sweetest way. She was so affectionate and couldn’t stop hugging and kissing them.

Because she was so friendly, they decided to name her Lovebug. And what a fitting name it was! Lovebug would jump up and paw gently at her foster mom Patty’s face, followed by lots of licks and kisses.

They posted Lovebug’s photo and story on Facebook to try and find her a forever home. When a family saw it, they immediately fell in love with Lovebug and drove three hours to adopt her.

Now, named Libby, the kitty is living a life of luxury. Her new humans take such great care of her and shower her with love. “She likes to fetch with her mouse. Like a little dog she brings it back to me, drops it, and wants to do it again,” said Robert Clarke, her new dad. “All of her fur has grown in really nice. She is happy and has become my best furry friend!”

Watch Lovebug shower her foster mom with hugs and kisses in the video below: