Cat waited everyday for her blind dog friend, until he finally shows up


The story behind this cat is just so sweet we can barely stand it.

The cat, Jasper, had a really strong bond with a sweet old dog named Coco, who was blind. After being separated for about a month, her mom decided to post their reunion online. Be sure to check out the pictures below.

You can see Jasper perk up right away when she realized who it is. Just check out Jasper’s tail just moments before he is reunited with Coco:

According to Catster, cats express a lot of emotion with their tails. You can see Jasper’s tail get all fluffed out and quiver a little bit, which is a sure sign of happiness! Cats will also wrap their tails around their favorite humans, and if they’re feeling happy and relaxed, may lay next to you while resting their tail on you.

Another telltale sign you can pay attention to is the ears. Pet Finder has a great guide to all kinds of cat body language – for example, when a cat’s ears are forward, they’re likely content or playful, but if their ears are back and flat against they’re head, they’re probably scared.

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