Cat Tries To Keep Dog Out


The war between cats and dogs continues…

An adorable kitten is determined to keep her canine brother from entering the house through her cat door. Although the kitten is no match for the dog, somehow she seems to be winning.

Smudgie the kitten leaped into action when she saw Jaxson, the dog, poke his head through the cat flap on the door. The playful kitten was captured on video defending her door with everything she had. She jumped on top of his head but this proved useless.

The sweet dog looks at his owner, who is recording the whole battle, with a look of desperation. He is thinking, “get this kitten off my head, please.” Jaxson is a great big brother and just endures Smudgie standing on his head, until he decides to back up. Smudgie lands on her feet and waits for the next move.

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