Cat Tries to Find a Home With His Special Quirks After He Came to Shelter In Need of Love


Staff at Wright Way Rescue are baffled why their 7-year-old polydactyl feline extraordinaire Bruno hasn’t found a home yet.

The 25-pound kitty with extra toes has won everyone’s heart at the shelter in Morton Grove, Illinois. He is quite the character with a few quirky traits.

Bruno came into Wright-Way Rescue four months ago after being surrendered by his previous owner. “Sadly, he was not meshing well with the kids in the home. That doesn’t come as a big surprise, given that he is very overweight and could not swiftly run away when he needed a break from the commotion,” Jacoby Andrick of Wright-Way Rescue told Love Meow.

He is a healthy boy who needs to lose some weight. Since they put him on a diet, he’s been walking, playing and even doing tricks to get in shape. “We have an incredible foster network and we’re able to secure a foster home for him almost immediately. The only terms for the foster were that Bruno needed to lose weight. At 25+ pounds, he really needs to lose at least 10 pounds.”

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