Cat Took Puppy’s Bed And He Wants It Back! He Is Very Angry, But The Cat Is Unimpressed!


Kitties are very nice at times, even to the dogs who live with them in one family. They cuddle with them, massaging them and even do not mind raising their puppies! However, all this does not exclude the fact that cats can be jerks. This 10-week-old French bulldog named Pixel who lost his bed after cat had taken it, knows it for sure. It is hard to explain what made this cat steal the bed. Cats do what they wish. Probably, this kitty just liked the warm place or it wanted to check what the dog will do. Anyway, the cat settles up for a nap and at this moment the pup decided to reclaim his bed. It belongs to him and he wants it back. He is angry and barking but this does not impress the cat. The cat does not leave the bed.