Cat Saves War Veteran From Committing Suicide


Most have heard the phrase “who rescued who?” in the world of pet adoption, but in one war veteran’s case a cat he took into his home actually save his life.

Like many who have served in the armed forces fighting what our country tells us are our foreign enemies, Army Sgt. Josh Marino was left permanently scarred from his service in the military.

He suffered a brain injury in Iraq and had severe post-traumatic stress disorder. He was in so much mental anguish that he decided to take his own life.

“I did not want to deal with it anymore,” Marino said. ““I took out one of my knives … I wrote a letter on my computer and went outside to smoke one last cigarette.”

That’s when he heard a sound outside of the barracks at Fort Riley in Kansas that would not only change his life but the lives of other veterans who were suffering just like he was.

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