Cat rescues: Abandoned cat’s matted fur turns into 2 pounds of dreadlocks


Your head stuck in a jar cat she found rescuers. Alley cat surprise Scottish rescue workers, appearing in the center of the Society for combating ill-treatment of animals with iron jar on his head. How poor was oriented and found our way, remains a mystery, reports Bi-bi-si.

The cat was in a rescue centre on Sunday. On her head was empty cans from cat food. After the center staff happily took it, the animal was taken to the center for homeless animals in Balerno (Edinburgh). “Fortunately, there was no damage, and the cat was happy to get rid of discomfort, which can not but cause a tin, stuck on his head.

I think she was just going through the trash and came across this used can of cat food….It is a great success that she was not hit by a car,” said Colin Saddon, Manager of the Scottish wildlife rescue center.