Cat Only Drink Out of The Sink


Cats with quirks are not that rare. Sometimes their habits are too strange. Some cats prefer to eat some particular food, others – eat food in some particular fashion.
Cats can have different attitude to water, in particular. For instance, drinking of a special bowl or dipping paws instead of traditional licking. Some cats prefer to catch drops of water in the shower. We have seen so many weird habits that nothing can surprise us.
There is one more unusual cat to this collection of cats with quirks. This is Sid – a beautiful cat loved by his mom. There is one thing that makes Sid stand out from other cats. Sid drinks water only from the running faucet. He never comes up to his bowl no matter how thirsty he is. Even if there is fresh water in it, Sid never drinks it. He runs to the bathroom instead and asks his mom to turn on the faucet. This is the only way Sid drinks water – only out of the sink.
When owners applied to the specialist for the commentary, he said that running water is associated with safety for the felines. They drink from streams or from the river and avoid stagnant water when there is such opportunity.