Cat Mom Protects Her Precious Little Baby


When cats are not sure in safety of the surrounding, they are very suspicious. This is her only precious kitten and she protects it, not being sure that person filming this has good intentions. She does not know what the camera is. What if it brings harm? So cautious, vigilant mom covers the tiny kitten with her body. And baby is happy having such a good, caring mother though it does not realize it yet. This is something natural for him but baby will remember it and will care about other little kittens in the future in the same way.
This is SOO adorable I can hardly handle it! – Mother cat know just what to when she’s the sweetest mother on earth when you she what she does! – You’ll love when you see what mommy does to guard and protect her kitten!
This is an excellent example of the unique relationship in the family of the cat!