Cat Mom Found as Stray Won’t Leave Her Kittens Until She Finds Someone She Trusts


Kittens are considered newborns from birth until two weeks of age. During the neonatal period, the body adapts to the conditions of existence outside the womb, the process of formation of all organs and systems, normal breathing, blood circulation is established, the glands of internal secretion are actively involved in the work, the metabolism changes, thermoregulation is improved.

This period is very important to ensure newborn kitten favorable conditions, because the body of the baby highly susceptible to infectious bacterial diseases. One of the rules for the normal development of a kitten just born is a full feeding. All nutrients enter the body with the mother’s milk.

Newborn kittens do not need special care, as usually mother-cat takes care of the kids. Only since two weeks of age, kittens can experience the need for additional feeding.