Cat Mom Found as Stray Won’t Leave Her Kittens Until She Finds Someone She Trusts


A stray cat was rescued along with her three newborn babies. The sweet mama named Sprinkles kept her babies by her side and refused to go anywhere without them.

Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS, in Lynnwood, Washington) took the family of four into their care and placed them in a foster home so the mother cat could have a safe environment to raise her kittens.

“They were found as strays near the Oregon border. The kittens were four days old when I got them,” Ashely (@youngestoldcatlady), foster mom, told Love Meow.

Mama Sprinkles is very protective of her kittens, and even when she arrived at her foster home, she refused to eat until she knew that they were absolutely safe and would growl out of instinct to protect her babies. Ashley wanted to help her relax but first, she must gain her trust.

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