Cat Meeting Newborn Baby First Time


Your cat was before this “first” child, the center of your attention, and naturally, if she would experience something akin to sibling rivalry toward his younger brother or sister. The feeling you can try to mitigate, if in advance, at least a month before appearance in the child’s home, to start preparing the cat for this event.

For example, since the child will take a lot of your time and effort, you need to gradually teach the cat to spend less time with you, so that a sharp decrease in your attention did not become for her later stress.

If your cat is in the family particularly attached to the mother-to-be, other family members must now adjust to the cat a more intimate relationship, such that when the mom will be busy with the baby cat did not feel deprived. Too dependent on you the cat will gradually need to learn “independence”, it will do her good and cause less jealousy with the appearance in the child’s home.