Cat Hates The Singing Reindeer


There is a kitten, it’s cute, kind. He’s fine with other friendly cats, playing. But there is one “but”, as soon as he begins to play with toys, such as the gray mouse small plush toys, he grabs them in his teeth, doesn’t let go and growls at everyone, people, cats.

God forbid, who will encroach. Everywhere he carries around in his mouth, necessarily wears it in a bowl (apparently feeding) and while he is with this toy is not enough, the kitten is not adequate as prey protects like a hungry dog a bone to take away want. What the balls, toys with feathers, is not covered.

I’m here, he thought, now he’s a small (2-x) months no and it’s fun, and grow up and be such a trick at the handles to throw, he’s paw with claws to punch can and does strike, if the toys climb.