Cat gives human sweetest “goodbye” anytime he thinks his human is about to leave, just melts my heart!


Cat thinks, that on the hands of it conveniently. Why cats climb to bundle of on hands? It turns out that in addition to the desire to eat, they can have many more reasons. We have long lived together with people, people care about us and have mercy on the behavior of their Pets. We to this day do not fully open before the masters.

Cat basically used to place and not to the owner, but the affection we are showing only when you want to achieve. Cats can do this because they have been accustomed to the hands since childhood.

Small kittens, lying in the hands of the owners, sorted feet, it happens on the reflex level, as if they hit the mother in the stomach when sucking milk. Adult cats can climb to the owner on hand to feel secure in a dangerous situation, for example, when the house appears a lot of other people.