Cat Gives Birth Under Christmas Tree


Danielle Lopez knew she had the most lovable Christmas ever when she found her rescue cat Tink giving birth under a Christmas tree. “I heard a soft meow and thought it was our other kitty and then saw the firstborn crying,” 17-year-old Lopez said. “I was in shock,” she added.

Under the Christmas tree, Tink gave birth to four adorable kittens. And because they were born in such special occasion, they were named accordingly: Noel, Joy, Christmas, and Faith. Lopez posted a picture of the beautiful moment and the Internet loved it.

It’s not wrong to say this was a Christmas miracle. Who would have thought the fragile cat from three months ago could be able to give birth successfully. “If we didn’t take her home she would have died. She was all bones,” says Lopez. Lopez had already owned a cat named Sagwa who became the father of Tink’s kittens. The mama cat got to live with her babies and her partner.