Cat Gives Birth Inside Firetruck’s Engine. What Firefighters Do Is So Touching!


It was a very surprising discovery for Indianapolis firefighters. They suddenly heard strange meowing coming from their vehicle and could not understand what was happening. As it turned out there were kittens in it! Mother cat gave birth to them in a fire track not long ago. The kittens were just several days old. Their eyes were not open yet. Three little babies were there without mom. The firefighters looked for their mother everywhere but could not find the cat.
The vet inspected the kittens well. There were one girl and two boys. They required immediate medical attention. All of them were brought to the local Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care center, where the specialists will take care of them. But before saying good-buy to them, firefighters suddenly realized about their attachment to the babies. So they cleaned the babies and fed them from bottles. Unusual experience!