Cat brings a gift to his owner every day – and when she opens the door, she gets the sweetest surprise


The cat went out for a walk, and returned home with a gift. This insatiable feline curiosity. It is pushing your pet to “exploits” to climb, flower pots to chew on the leaves of your houseplants, and if possible, and dump the pots from the window sill onto the floor, followed a careful study of the scattered content.

However, the trouble is not only that. This natural curiosity, unfortunately, often brings cats to the deplorable consequences. Cat after all, from the Zoological point of view refers to predatory animals that are meat eaters. This is true, but in some cases our pet without young grass can not do. Well, if you live in a private house with a plot of land.

But if in a city apartment? That’s what it is. In the absence of weed cat is looking for her “replacement” and… easily finds it in the person, for example, Chlorophytum, Cyperus.