Cat Becomes Surrogate Dad to Newborn Kitten and Helps Save Her Life.


Benny the cat is happy when his human mother brings home the rescued kittens. He helps to take care of them and gives them his affection. Benny was found by a kitten, he was in a terrible condition with a serious infection. His hostess — Ellen Carozza took a kitten home, fed and cared for him until the most recovery. Benny’s a very sociable cat.

Ellen Carozza takes such kittens who need special care, which do not want to take shelters. Ellen decided to give the kitten a chance, despite his miserable condition, and had managed to restore the cat’s health.

“Benny went to work with me every day for months. This was after his brothers and sisters, who were treated, were safely attached. Benny spent a lot of time with other cats.” He gets along well with cats and cats, and especially with those who need help.