Cat Becomes Surrogate Dad to Newborn Kitten and Helps Save Her Life.


Tiny newborn kitten was found alone, without a mother, but he first found a foster father, who was able to give him love. It was early in the morning. A girl named Christine found a tiny kitten who needed motherly love and care.

His eyes had not yet opened, it was very small, hungry and all alone. Kristina brought the baby to her house. And then her cat benny, without hesitation, took it and began to wash and take care of him like her own kitten. Kristina was amazed to see such kindness and love from her cat.

Benny was born to a rescued cat, Christine took him in along with his mom. On its words of, she saved many cats, and Pain always cared about them. He never wanted to break up with his new dad. Kristina fed him from a bottle all day, and Beni was always there – he washed the baby and arranged it for him to sleep.