Cat And Monkey Are the Best Pals! Watch Their Hilarious Play Routine!


An extremely obtrusive monkey is trying to play with a cat. The cat is demonstrating the patience of a Saint! Monkeys are found mainly in rain and mountain (up to 3000 m above sea level) forests. Very fast in movements, run well on the ground. The male can even stand on hind legs.

Perhaps some species are able to swim. Sleeping in the dense foliage while sitting. Eat leaves, young shoots, fruits, fruits, berries, insects, bird’s eggs, often raid plantations. Monkeys are kept in herds of 40-50 animals. Most often in the period movement in search of food, the herd consists of 10-15 individuals, and sleep in small groups of 3-5 individuals, with one adult male.

Monkeys have a lot of enemies. Eat it for lunch can not only leopard, but also eagle-monkey. But monkeys are very dexterous, mobile and at the same time quite careful – usually do not climb into a fight, and flee. Chirping, staccato bark. Threatening the male often funny nods his head to stick out chest. Actively search each other.