Cash-Grabbing Kitty Steals Money From Strangers And Gives It To Homeless


The owners could not understand why money appeared at the front door of an office. When they came in the morning, the found money scattered on the floor. That was very strange. The only creature who knew what was happening was the office cat but it could not explain this to people. It became clear soon that money appeared because of the kitty.
All this was happening in the ad agency in Oklahoma. At first people found just a couple of dollars on the floor. Then more bills appeared. They decided to check up the camera and were surprised to see how people who passed by slipped money through the door and dangled bills to make the kitty play. Then cat snatch the bills out of their hands. Cash grabbing cat became viral and attracted more attention. Cat received the nickname “CASHnip Kitty”. This cash grabbing game brought ultimately to a very good deed. Everything the cat steals is donated to the local animal shelter.