Caring cat mom decides to adopt baby bunnies and care for them like they’re her own


Missy is a grey and white nice-looking cat who gave birth to two sickly kittens whose condition worsen and finally died days after giving birth. It was very sad to hear Missy cry as looked for her two kittens. Missy was an outdoor cat and liked catching small animals and bringing her catch back home, it was very common to see her come with mice and birds who were either alive or dead.

One-day Missy was carrying a small baby bunny by the scruff of its neck and the owner managed to see the young bunny and took it somewhere safe. Shortly after missy again went out and brought another baby bunny the same way she did the first one. She was not done yet and at the end of the day she brought home four young bunnies. It was obvious that she got them from a nest and the mother of the four bunnies was not present during that time. She later climbed into the box that the owner had put the four bunnies and tried to nest them, she was unable to since she did not have any milk left.

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