This Calico Kitty Really LOVES The Mailman


Iron calm showed the postman who daily carries the mail in the area. This cat loves to climb on him. According to statistics, in the area where the feed is enough (for example, in the Italian capital Rome, or the Japanese fishermen settlements) in an area of 100 Ha can coexist more than 2,000 cats. Cats have a great ability to adapt to the circumstances. A huge role in cat’s relationship play kinship.

Cats may get along with each other. With regard to the behavior of the cat in society – there can be variations. In some cases, a close contact, sometimes they very sternly and fiercely defend their territory. There are cat lovers who believe that the behavior of the cats is in the boundary condition from dependence to independence. In fact, personality, and social behavior of a cat depends on its previous experience, population density and availability of a certain amount of feed.

The cat is sociable and affectionate child. She learned that if she asks for the pen, then take it and scratching her back and abdomen. She SAIs and otherwise evinces his pleasure. Gregarious, attached to the owner very much in need of constant attention. Very clever, peace-loving and non-confrontational, easy to get along with other animals.