This Blue Mackerel Tabby Persian Kitty Is Too Cute To Be Missed!


The first, still uncertain steps of the noble of the kitten. Like all predators, the cat’s brain is arranged so that a particularly well developed in precisely those areas that are associated with the senses. Naturally, the part of the cat’s brain that is responsible for mental activity, i.e., the intellect, developed in cats is not as good as in primates, not to mention people. However, this does not mean that cats are not capable of learning or training.

Conversely, those who closely communicates with these animals, you know how important it is to vaccinate your pet specific skills and how easily kittens can digest them. The first educator and teacher of the kid is, of course, his mother. Cats are not only one of the most caring mothers among animals, but some of the most conscientious teachers. A cat living in the house of his master, trained to use the toilet, teaches the kittens to go in the tray at a very early age. But even before the baby learns from his mother how to find food, how to walk on four legs.

On the fourth or fifth week of life the kitten makes the first attempts to wash himself, licking himself. Regardless of whether you have a home to live an adult cat or a small kitten, you will have to take a number of actions, primarily relating to the administrative side of the issue. Below are some things that need to be made to the appearance of your home new Pets.