Blind Raccoon Had Been Visiting Yard Every Day For Years


This is a beautiful story of amazing friendship that happens once in a lifetime. A blind racoon used to come to the babkyard of one family to get some food and they fed the animal regularly. It continued this way for about 5 years until one day he appeared near their house with a couple of black feral kittens. They followed him everywhere he went and patiently waited for him when he suddenly turned the other way or wanted to explore some place.
They were like little guardians who served his blind friend. They understood that the raccoon needed help and they provided it though they seemed to small to understand such things.
The raccoon was old enough already and some time later he passed away. After it happened, kittens kept on coming to the same house for food and the owner of the house decided to adopt the black babies to give them better life. It was not easy to tame them. There were many scratches and blood but it wasn’t in vain. Eventually, the family succeeded and adopted two siblings. When tragical events happened in the family (death of a mother and a family cat – two tragedies within 10 days) these kitties became a reliable support for their owner.