Black Crow Adopts a Little Kitten After She Was Being Threatened by Other Birds


The pair became friends after the cat saved the crow. Leaving early in the morning on the balcony, I saw on a neighbouring plot of walking around in the grass two creatures. I froze in surprise. Next to our Red, cat, crow walked, walked with measured steps, and the cat looked at her and walked alongside.

It was a spectacle unusual. I confess that I could not explain. The cat reached the fence separating the plots, was at the bottom and walked between the flower ridges, and crow easily cleared the fence and dropped next to him. So they are stepping between the flowers, came on the way out and went to the gate, like old friends.

Friendship Red and the crows learn that the residents of our suburban town. Came to look at them. The cat and the crow was not afraid of people and did not think to flee when they approached. Then the crow flew away and appeared the next morning.