Bearded Guy Rescued a Lonely Kitten. Watch How She Is Thanking Him.


Here’s a typical scenario: you sleep tight in bed when a very strange feeling wakes you up. You turn your head and feel the hair you have wet. Turning around, you see happy face of your cat. She looks at you for a moment and then comes back to what she was doing – licking your hair.

You realize that the cat has probably been doing this for quite some time while you were sleeping. Why is she doing this? Caregiving is a generally accepted social behavior between cats that have a connection to each other. It’s not uncommon to see two cats lick each other. I often watched the cat lick, closes his eyes and seem to float away into the world of dreams, pleasure.

Some cats are very related to certain family members, so they want to take care of them as much as they would take care of their kinship. For such cats is quite a normal behavior is licking “fur” their man as a sign of affection and trust.