Baby Squirrels abandoned and left to die in hurricane


Guy Chipmunk saved from certain death. You will be amazed by what happened after 4 days! As well, what in the world are caring people that are willing to help those who really need it. Such people are worthy of respect.

Have you ever rescued an animal? Let us know in the comments! This guy saved not one, but several lives. When he returned home, began a violent storm. Peter heard a pitiful squeak and I could not pass. Despite the terrible storm, he went to seek the source of the squeak. Under the tree lay the nest, which was 4 Chipmunk.

Crumbs were newborns! Most likely, they are blown away by the wind, and mom wasn’t home. Peter took chipmunks to his home to keep them cold. The man was specifically placed crumbs on the patio to mother found them following on the squeak.